The Dirt Nerds Know Texas Soils

Perma Pier’s team of dirt nerds receive extensive training on Texas geology to provide you with foundation solutions tailored to you.

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Did you know that there are over 1,300 different soil types in Texas?

Soil Taxonomy, the system for classifying soils, is used worldwide. The highest level of Soil Taxonomy is the Soil Order. There are 12 recognized soil orders in the world, and we have 9 of these in Texas. From those 9, we have over 1,300 soil series in Texas.

Clay soil is the most common soil in the 5 major metroplexes in Texas. Clay expands and contracts easily as it gains or loses moisture. This along with the arid climate and propensity to drought around the state means foundation issues are very common.

Perma Pier Foundation Repair Service Area

We operate out of the five major metroplexes in Texas, but our knowledge goes beyond them. We are proud to serve all of Texas with the same quality of work as we do in the big cities. Reliable is our middle name.

Austin: This region is underpinned by formations that run north to south much like Dallas and Tarrant counties. The soil horizons here are typically shallow and rocky. Clay content of the soil is high.

Dallas: Three major rock formations run underneath Dallas county with the western third of the county underpinned by Eagle Ford shale, which produces a variety of expansive clay soils.

Fort Worth: Two major rock formations trend in a north-south orientation, however, there’s where the similarities end. Fort Worth is comprised mostly of rocky soils with small pockets of clay soils in between

Houston: The coastal geology here is different from the rest of Texas, and thus requires a specific approach to foundation repair.

San Antonio: Two of the rock formations that define this area are a limestone-shale sequence. This is often referred to as “layer cake geology”, which produces clay-rich soils with very shallow soil horizons.


Texas Foundation Repair

Foundation repair – especially in Texas – cannot be approached with a single-solution mindset.

Texas soils are just too unique and varied. Without first understanding the soil your foundation sits on, recommending the right foundation repair is impossible. That’s why you should put your trust in the dirt nerds of Texas.

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