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Anyone can lift a home, but our dirt nerds will look at your property holistically and give you a maintenance plan to ensure your foundation remains healthy. Now that’s some shift we can get behind.

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Drainage Solutions

A healthy foundation comes down to one thing: too much or too little water. Over time, water that pools around your foundation will migrate into the soils underneath and cause them to expand. This results in your foundation lifting.

To prevent this from happening, pair a healthy slope with proper drainage around your foundation. It’s imperative that you have a good drainage system in place that compliments the soil and landscaping of your property.

Landscaping Solutions

Did you know that it’s best to plant a tree 25’-30’ away from your property’s foundation? While it is recommended to plant at least 15’ away from a foundation, trees in the state of Texas have roots that grow out instead of down due to the soils present.

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Tips for a Healthy Home Foundation

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Foundation Maintenance

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Perma Pier Foundation Repair has been serving the Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio areas since 1992. We have transferable lifetime warranties designed to give you, the homeowners of Texas, peace of mind.

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Jennifer A.

"The inspection determined that the foundation would have no need of repair! I appreciate their honesty and plan to give them my business should I ever need foundation repair in the future."

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Jeremy P.

"Perma Pier did an outstanding job with our foundation repair about 10 years ago. They came back to do an adjustment when we sold the house last year. The adjustment cost nothing and they were really easy to work with. Highly recommend."

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Lashonda B.

"I've had a great experience with Perma Pier. I felt confident in what I needed to do with my foundation. They were focused and took care in the work they were doing."

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Kelly P.

"They repaired the foundation and then walked me through the finished product, what to expect next and what was done. My wood floors looked like nothing had happened as did my yard! Thank you so much!"

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