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Residential Foundation

Texas’ soil is as buck wild as its weather, which means even foundation problems are bigger in Texas. That’s why you should turn to the #dirtnerds of Perma Pier.

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Premium Foundation Repair Throughout Texas

Anyone can lift your home, but no one else can provide you with a holistic plan of repair and maintenance tailored specifically to your property. Our foundation evaluators receive extensive training on the geological science of Texas soils to give you peace of mind for years to come. So no matter where in Texas you are, our team of #dirtnerds is ready to treat the unique needs of your property to provide you with customized solutions that will stand the test of time.

Perma Pier’s Residential Property Services Include:

What causes foundation issues?

Landscaping, irrigation, and Texas’ drastic weather patterns can have a huge impact on your soil. What it comes down to is this: too much or too little water in the soil causes foundation issues. The arid climate in Texas and propensity to drought around the state means foundation issues are very common. That’s why we say that #shifthappens.

Signs of potential foundation issues include floor sinkage, cracks in concrete walls, and property shifting, among others. Our experienced foundation repair professionals and engineers will be able to analyze the foundation damage present and give you the best plan of repair for your needs and budget.

The good news? Most of the time we can fix the problem without you needing to leave your home. Instead of breaking through your floor, we have a tunneling team who creates 3’ x 3’ tunnels outside of your property so our team can lift your home without causing you more problems. Now that’s some shift we can get behind.

When to repair foundation problems

Temperate months, albeit hard to come by in Texas, are the best times for foundation repair. That’s why we recommend getting your foundation evaluated during fall and spring.

That being said, the best time to repair your foundation is when you first notice warning signs of foundation issues (i.e. doors that won’t close, stair-step cracks around windows). This will prevent more issues from developing and will allow us to help create a foundation maintenance plan tailored to your property.

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