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Foundation Solutions in Austin

Our soil experts have provided Austin with residential, real estate, multifamily, and commercial foundation services and solutions since 2009.

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Get to Know Austin’s Soils

Austin is known for keeping it weird, and the soils there are no exception. To do foundation repair work in Austin, it’s important to understand the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of the Texas Prairie Land as well as the many smaller soil configurations that encompass much of Austin west of I-35.

The greater Austin/Travis County area is made of a conglomerate of multiple limestone formations, like the Glen Rose formation, producing soils which tend to be clay-rich and shallow in their horizons. In the easternmost part of the county, you’ll find very expansive clay soils with horizons that tend to be deep and well developed. One of the most expansive clay soils in Texas is called Houston Black. These soil horizons are typically shallow to medium in depth and are poorly drained due to their high clay content. Understanding these varied soil types is key to forming a successful foundation repair plan.

Regardless of the soil type underneath your home or commercial property, recognizing the signs of a foundation failure as soon as possible can save you thousands of dollars.

Foundation Repair Services in Austin

The foundation repair and maintenance solutions we offer in Austin include:

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Residential Foundation Repair

We offer a wide range of residential foundation repair services in Austin. From cracks in the walls to sinking floors, we have the resources and background necessary to get a residential foundation back on track. Our soil experts will inspect your property holistically to find why your foundation had issues in the first place and help you come up with a maintenance plan to keep it from happening again.

Commercial Foundation Repair

Foundation issues on a commercial property put more than just the building at risk, they can put the people and businesses involved in serious danger of injury and economic loss. At Perma Pier, we make sure to thoroughly evaluate your property to get to the source of the foundation’s problems and respond with an informed repair approach.

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