San Antonio Multi-Family Apartment Complex

Project Details

  • Multi-family apartment complex, three three-story buildings
  • Slab Foundation
  • San Antonio
  • 7 days
  • Double-walled steel pilings

This project, a multi-family, three-story apartment complex, was out of level due to irregular soil settlement that required double-walled steel pilings. This repair solution presented ingress/egress challenges for a wheelchair-bound tenant, which we were able to address.
This project came to us by way of new owners who wished to invest in fixing up the property. The usual external symptoms of foundation issues, such as stair-step cracks in the mortar, were present; along with tenant complaints of doors and windows not closing properly. Upon initial evaluation, it was determined that the foundation was out of level by almost three inches in some places, due to irregular soil settlement.
This repair required 47 double-walled steel pilings installed across three buildings. While no tenants had to be relocated for this repair, large holes had to be drilled into existing patios and front porches. This presented unique challenges for one tenant, who was wheelchair-bound and on oxygen. We had to cut patches through this tenant’s breezeway, which meant large holes were created right in front of the doorstep. Working around the tenant’s needs, we constructed a ramp that made ingress/egress possible during the seven days it took us to complete the repair.

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