Lewisville Multi-Family Condominium

Project Details

  • Condominiums, 11 three-story buildings
  • Slab Foundation
  • Lewisville
  • 80 days – with two crews
  • Tunneling, plumbing repair, double-walled steel pilings

This project, a litigation settlement repair, was brought to us by an independent engineer familiar with our past performance with repairs of this size. Despite this project requiring extensive tunneling, plumbing repair and complete pier replacement (across 11 buildings), not a single tenant had to be relocated.

Builder defects to both the plumbing and the concrete piers were the underlying cause of failure for the commercial property’s foundation, with tenants complaining of doors and windows that wouldn’t open and/or shut, as well as visible cracks both inside and out. The engineer recommended Perma Pier to the owner based on our past performance with repairs of this magnitude.

This property required a complete overhaul of all plumbing, as well as a “full underpin” that required us to install pilings around the exterior and throughout the interior of each building – across 11 buildings. Due to our tunneling (versus drilling into the foundation), we were out of the way, which resulted in no tenants having to be relocated, and zero disruption in their daily lives. We employed two six-man crews for this project, one for tunneling and one for repairs. Despite taking 80 days, we still finished ahead of our targeted estimate.

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