Houston Multi-Family Apartment Complex

Project Details

  • Two-story, multi-family apartment – six buildings
  • Slab Foundation
  • Houston
  • 23 days
  • Double-walled steel pilings, tunneling

This six building, two-story, multi-family apartment complex, which proved to be over four inches out of balance, was referred to us by a general contractor familiar with our work. Despite this repair requiring extensive tunneling and 172 double-walled steel pilings that exceeded the estimated depth, we were able to complete the project in 23 days.

The client received tenant complaints of doors and windows that wouldn’t open or close, as well as visible cracks. Due to their past experience with concrete pilings – which have a higher failure rate than steel – the client wanted to use double-walled steel pilings to prevent future failures. Evaluation showed a deflection of over four inches across the foundation. Unlike most foundation repair companies, we supplied the owner with a detailed map and schedule that made the property manager’s job easier. We outlined every step and detail, so the client was always 100% in the know as to what to expect.

While we estimate pier depth based on historical/regional data, we don’t know the actual depth until we start digging. Depths can vary greatly, even from one side of the building to the other. Our crews – which are W2 employees, not subcontractors – are well-trained in dealing with the issue of additional depths. Since this factor can lead to added costs, the moment our crew sees that a pier will exceed the agreed-upon depth, they stop digging, contact us, and we in turn notify the client. As this project required additional depth, the client was notified beforehand and could adjust their budget accordingly. Despite the need for 172 piers (133 external and 39 internal) across six buildings, the total project only required 23 days from start to finish.

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