Houston Manufacturing Facility

Project Details

  • Manufacturing facility
  • Tilt Wall
  • Houston
  • 30 days
  • Double-walled steel pilings, mudjacking

This property, a 90,000 square-foot manufacturing facility, required extensive mudjacking, the replacement of 100 external piers, and plumbing repair – all while remaining open during the repair process. Thanks to our flexible scheduling and non-invasive repair techniques, the facility remained fully operational during the entirety of the 30-day repair.

The owner of this Houston manufacturing facility noticed the foundation falling away from the exterior walls, leaving the tilt-wall exterior unsupported; doors that were sticking; as well as related plumbing leaks and issues. Upon initial evaluation, we found the foundation to be in excess of five inches out of balance in some areas. 11,000 square feet of mudjacking, and the installation of 100 exterior double-walled steel pilings, were used to bring the foundation back to level. Additional plumbing repair was needed to bring the building back to 100% functionality.

Shutting down an operation of this size was not an option for the client. Our flexible schedule and external approach to installing the necessary piers enabled the manufacturing facility to remain operational for the entirety of the repair, with the external piers being installed during business hours and the mudjacking being performed after hours. While this meant taking longer to do the repair, the entire job was still finished in less than 30 days.

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