5 Tips For Preventing Foundation Water Damage

Water is the primary source of life and the last thing you would think of as a threat to your future. But, when left unchecked, water can compromise the integrity of your property’s foundation. A hazard to your property is a hazard to your investment, your comfort, and your safety.
There are certain measures you can take, however, to augment your property’s chances of protection from water damage and thereby protecting your home or business from the need for a complete foundation overhaul.

At Perma Pier, we offer experienced foundation repair throughout Texas. We’ve put together this post to highlight some tips for how you can best avoid water-related foundation issues.

#1 Have a Smart Drainage Setup

You won’t want to leave it up to chance when it comes to water drainage. Numerous factors come into play, here. The slope of your property and the building’s location, the natural clay and cracks in the land, gutter systems – these all play a part.

If water has nowhere to go or is constantly pooling up and evaporating with no consistent flow, you may end up with cracks in your foundation from expansive soils or hydrostatic pressure. The best solution is an updated, intentionally built drainage system.
Sometimes the right method is as simple as clean gutters and longer downspouts. But you may also need a yard drainage system in place, with an adjustment made to the slope around your property.

#2 Install a Sump Pump

Another solution? Have a sump pump installed. After heavy rains, your soil may become expanded and oversaturated and excess water can fill crevices around your home, getting into cracks and causing flood damage.

Sump pumps help regulate the water levels around your property and prevent foundation damage and basement flooding. These are installed at the lowest point of your home, where the water will funnel, and prevent groundwater from rising to a harmful point.

#3 Put Up a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are great for several reasons. They help establish boundaries and when installed by a creative professional, they’re a beautiful add-on to the exterior of your property. But most importantly: they help you manage water.

When flooding occurs, water may have nowhere to go, often flowing toward buildings or killing vegetation. A retaining wall, coupled with the right drainage system, can help to both prevent the water from damaging your building’s foundation and direct the water where you want it to go.

#4 Inspect Your Plumbing System Regularly and Update If Necessary

Aged pipes corrode over time, and it’s not uncommon for leaks to go unnoticed until substantial damage has occurred. It’s always a good idea to have your plumbing system inspected regularly, even if you don’t suspect there are any leaks.

When the leak is coming from a pipe installed on your property’s exterior, the accumulation can lead to hydrostatic pressure and shrink-and-swell soil. Plus, all that wasted water is sure to have an effect on your wallet.

When it comes to interior piping, water has an especially significant impact on properties with concrete slab foundations. This is because concrete is porous and water will cause its degradation over time, leading to foundation cracks.    

On the flip side, a shifting foundation can also harm your plumbing system, causing the pipes to move and crack – or worse. So, you’ll want to ensure that plumbing tests and inspectionsare coupled with foundation evaluations, or at least done within the same season so you don’t risk getting stuck in a vicious cycle of repairs.

#5 Take Care of Your Soil

Another surefire way to prevent water damage to your home is to be intentional with your land. Be careful about the vegetation you grow, for example, as root systems can take water away from Texas soil that may depend on moisture to keep from cracking. 

On that note, thorough watering systems will ensure healthy soil and thus prevent water from draining and pooling in unwanted areas around your land – like against the concrete. To put it another way: imagine a naturally occurring system of cracks and gaps in your land caused by dry soil and clay. When it rains, the water flows through that system and will often end up at the lowest point, funneled toward your home or business.

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At Perma Pier, we make it our goal to provide industry-leading foundation repair services for residential and commercial customers. Delivering on that goal starts with honest communication, responsiveness, and reliability.

We start by offering a free evaluation of your foundation informed by experienced engineers and the latest in foundation repair technology. Once evaluated, we’ll recommend the best possible solution for your property’s longevity and your budget.

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