Houston Retail Strip Center

Project Details

  • Retail pad, 150,000 sq. ft.
  • Slab Foundation
  • Houston
  • 40 days
  • Mudjacking, double-walled steel pilings

Imagine a multi-tenant, 150,000 square-foot retail pad with a grocery store, dental office, restaurant, and children’s hospital – all with unique ingress/egress requirements. With so many stakeholders involved, executing a foundation repair for the entire retail strip would demand significant planning. Despite the need for extensive mudjacking and the installation of 172 piers, our ability to create a customized schedule meant that tenant disruption was kept to a minimum.

This project came to us via our website. The client was concerned about their property – they were receiving tenant complaints about plumbing issues and doors that were difficult to lock/open. At the initial onsite evaluation, it was determined that double-walled steel pilings, as well as mudjacking, would fix the issues.

This was a very active property, with a large grocery store, dental office, restaurant and the regional office of a children’s hospital – so our ability to work around the schedules of the various tenants was a high priority for the property owner. This meant that, while some of our repair work could be done during the day, the real invasive repairs were done after hours. There were temporary patches replaced daily, with on-site crew supervisors to field any issues that might come up. Despite the failure of a plumbing test, we were able to get the plumbing repair done with Perma Pier’s sister company and complete the foundation repair ahead of schedule. It took just 40 days in all for the replacement of 172 piers and extensive mudjacking.

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