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What Are Drilled Piers?

Drilled piers are an excellent option for lightweight structures. Instead of using the weight of the structure on top of the foundation to drive a pier into the ground, this method of foundation repair is done by drilling a hole into the ground at an angle and pouring concrete into the hole.

Prior to pouring the concrete, a steel cage comprised of four steel pipes with steel wrapped around it are placed into the hole. Once the concrete is poured into the steel cage, our dirt nerd team excavates around the top of the drilled piling and pours concrete to create a concrete cap on top. A concrete pier is placed on top of the cap, and then it’s topped off with as many steel shims as necessary to lift the home back to normal elevation.


This solution is also middle-tier in pricing, and it’s not frequently used on modern homes. This foundation solution is an excellent option for older homes that are more lightweight or homes that have a brittle foundation structure where the weight of the home cannot be used to create pressure.

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