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What Are Concrete Pressed Piers?

Concrete pressed pilings are cylinders made of concrete that are driven into the ground using the weight of the structure on top of the foundation. To do this, we use a hydraulic system which pushes the cylinder down into the ground until you reach a point of resistance.

Once the piers are in the ground, a concrete cap is placed on top, then a concrete cookie (believe it or not, that is the technical term), then another pier, and finally it’s topped off with as many steel shims as necessary to lift the structure back to normal elevation.


This is a cost-effective solution, and probably the most common solution in the foundation repair industry. It’s also probably the one we get the most warranty calls on too. Let’s explore why.

When you’re installing piers under a foundation, you need to be able to go past the active zone of the soil, which is constantly in movement. Pressing piers past the active zone increases the pier’s resistance to shift. Alternatively, not breaking through the active zone means that the piers are more susceptible to the soil’s movement which can result in more shifts in the foundation.

Every once in a while these piers cannot go past the active zone of the soil due to the diameter of concrete piers, which can cause too much friction between the piers and the soil. This tends to happen in areas that have rockier soils, sand, limestone, or poorly irrigated clay soils.

However, concrete pressed pilings are an excellent option for other soils, like clay-rich soils present throughout the state.

It’s also an excellent option for property owners looking for a more short-term solution or budget-friendly option. Thankfully, our lifetime warranty will always give you peace of mind, no matter what foundation solution you choose.

Setting and Reshimming

If you did choose concrete pressed piers and experienced shift- we’ve got you. This method of foundation repair is done by resetting and reshimming the existing supports with galvanized steel shims. This helps level out the floor and get your property’s foundation to the correct elevation.

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