Cable Anchored Steel Piers

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What Are Cable Anchored Steel Piers?

Cable anchored steel piers are hollow cylinders made of steel that are driven into the ground using the weight of the structure on top of the foundation. To do this, we use a hydraulic system which pushes the cylinders down into the ground.

Once the piers are in the ground, a steel cap is placed on top, and a cable is dropped to the bottom of the steel pile to act as an anchor. Then concrete or grout is used to fill the steel piers, forming one solid pier. A concrete pier is placed on top of the steel cap, and then it’s topped off with as many steel shims as necessary to lift the structure back to normal elevation.

Not everyone in our industry uses the cable to stabilize steel pilings, but we stand behind it as it’s crucial to help keep the piers from shifting.


This solution is middle-tier in pricing, but definitely one of the most effective foundation repair methods. Since it’s steel, it can break through most soils’ active zones and provide a permanent solution. This is a great option for property owners in San Antonio, Fort Worth, and Dallas due to the wide variety and mixture of soils there.

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