What is the Best Foundation Repair Method for my San Antonio Home?


In the center of South Texas, citizens of San Antonio reside in a unique place geologically speaking. The city and its surrounding areas are comprised of four different land resource regions. Those are Blackland Prairie, Post Oak/Claypan Area, Northern Rio Grande Plain, and Edwards Plateau – all of which contain varying soil types that can impact a property’s foundation in one way or another.

Rain in the area is also unpredictable at best. Some years San Antonio precipitation may fall well under the U.S. average, reaching maybe 20 inches total. Other years, rain may accumulate to well over 40 inches. This inconsistency in rainfall, mixed with the varying geology of San Antonio, places property owners in a complex position as it relates to their building’s foundation.

The best repair method for a San Antonio home will depend on several factors. But most influential to the repair approach are the foundation type and the current landscaping and drainage systems in place. Read on to learn more about the best foundation repair for your home.

Repair Methods for Concrete Slab Foundations

If your home was built in the second half of the 20th century or later, there’s a good chance your foundation type is a concrete slab foundation. Concrete can be a cheaper yet very reliable foundation option for homes, which is why this type is so popular. But when poorly facilitated water and expansive soils are involved, vulnerable concrete may succumb to cracking and level shifting.

An effective and oftentimes less invasive approach to concrete slab repair is concrete leveling, also known as “mudjacking.”

What Is Mudjacking?

Mudjacking is the process of injecting grout or concrete (“mud”) into the top of a building foundation through a small hole, filling a void underneath the foundation. From there, it’s all a matter of physics. Hydraulic pressure lifts the foundation to the level determined by a repair professional.

Installing Concrete or Steel Piers to Level Slab Foundations

When concrete slabs settle into an uneven, potentially hazardous position, another method of repair is installing piers into the soil to help stabilize the property. Two common pier types for this method are concrete and steel. While concrete piers are easy to install and cost-effective, steel piers have a near-perfect success rate and provide long-lasting reinforcement for a residential or commercial property


Repair Methods for Pier & Beam Foundations

The pier and beam foundation, sometimes called pier and post foundation, is a foundation type still used today – though, not as common as it used to be. This foundation setup involves long wooden beams and perpendicular joists supported by piers or blocks. 

Common problems with pier and beam foundations include:

  • Sagging floors
  • Pier cracking
  • Pier shifting
  • Wood decay on beams and joists
  • Collapsing piers
  • Mold and mildew issues 

Repair methods for the pier and beam style include:

Note also that sometimes the sub-floor — that is the surface over-top of your foundation that provides a flat ground for your floor installation — will need repairs or replacement. 

Landscaping & Drainage Solutions

Additional measures may be required to ensure the longevity of your foundation. These measures often include reassessing the drainage and landscaping system on your property. Inconsistent rain patterns and water-greedy tree roots can cause expansive soils to shrink and swell, adding pressure to your foundation and harming the state of the topsoil that’s meant to provide support for the foundation.  

When there isn’t an efficient drainage system in place, or when water pools up from a lack of intentional landscape design, these problems can worsen. When you reach out to a foundation repair professional for an evaluation of your foundation, be sure to ask about drainage solutions for the sake of your repair’s long-term success.

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