Trees: Finding Balance Between Beautification & Foundation Disrepair

Tree Benefits to Curb Appeal

Trees are an excellent addition to any property, when designed around consideration of the property value and long-term health of the property’s foundations. Trees provide the following:

Our EVP of Sales, Justin Bryant, shares video insights on the effects of trees and their root systems on a commercial customer’s foundation, as well as other property fixtures.

At Perma Pier we understand curb appeal is important. We also have repaired many foundations, which have been negatively impacted by landscaping intended to increase a property’s curb appeal. It’s crucial not only to properly assess how a landscaping project could affect your home’s foundation, but also to repair a janky foundation after mistake have been made.

As tree-scaping is selected and designed, dont’ forget two critical considerations:

Foundation Considerations for Tree Planting

Each tree you plant on your property will drain an estimated 100 gallons of water per day from your property’s soil. Tree root systems are designed to spread outward in an attempt to find water and stay hydrated for survival. 

This spread and upward movement can cause significant damage to your property’s foundation, which also increases associated expenses. Select your trees based on this guide, and be sure to appropriately space landscaping away from your property’s foundation. This will help you avoid potential foundation issues, as well as deflection and cracks in associated property fixtures, like sidewalks.

Contact Perma Pier for Expert Foundation Advice

If you are concerned about the health of your foundation, have Perma Pier Foundation Repair of Texas assess your property. Schedule an evaluation with our team of specialists, and we will advise you on proper irrigation, root barriers, and retaining walls to help mitigate the potential damage trees can cause.

If you’re intersted in working with us as a trusted advisor and industry partner, please email [email protected].

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