Foundation Cracks Are Nothing to Take Lightly – Here’s Why

So, you’re in your basement and you notice a long, hairline crack in your wall. From where you’re standing it doesn’t look like anything too serious, perhaps just a worn coat of paint. But then you move a little closer and notice the crack isn’t in the paint but in the concrete itself. No worries – move a bookshelf in front of it, right? Problem solved.

Wrong. Even the smallest of cracks in your foundation can have serious implications for the well-being of your property and should not be ignored. Your best bet is to connect with a foundation repair expert for an evaluation. But until then, we’ve put together a post focused on foundation cracks and what they mean for your property. Read on to learn more.

Why Is My Foundation Cracking?

A long list of factors can impact the integrity of your concrete foundation. Cracks can come from regular environmental influences like extreme weather and erosion effects or from earthquakes of varying magnitudes. Though, earthquakes aren’t really a factor in Texas homes. The typical culprits for foundation cracks in Texas are shrink-and-swell soils and water-related influences.

Shrink-and-Swell Soils

Shrink-and-swell soils are soils that regularly expand and contract, typically due to the alternating of moist and dry environments. Either the pressure from expanding soil or the gaps left from shrunken soil can cause shifts in a foundation, eventually leading to cracks.

Water-Related Influences

Water finds a way in – whether through plumbing issues, storm-related flooding, or inadequate drainage in your landscaping. Water can cause concrete to deteriorate prematurely and it can lead to cracks via hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure is the force exerted by water (or other liquids) due to the force of gravity.

Types of Cracks to Watch Out For

Generally speaking, you should consider every crack in your foundation something to keep an eye on. But the more serious cracks are stair-step cracks and long, horizontal cracks. Stair-step cracks look—as they’re called—like stairs going up or down along your concrete wall. Odds are that the pressure from the land around your foundation is causing the concrete to give way, compromising the stability of your property.

That said, while they may have the most serious implications, the above examples aren’t the only cracks that should cause concern. You should also respond when the concrete has wide cracks and numerous cracks. At worst, getting your foundation checked out will help you prevent future damages.

What You Can Do About Foundation Cracks

The typical process for foundation repair starts with scheduling an evaluation. Ideally, then, your foundation repair company will then come out during a time of your choosing and inspect the cracks as well as the whole of the foundation itself for any suspicious signs.

At Perma Pier, our team includes experienced engineers who then assess the situation and recommend repairs accordingly. So, you can expect recommendations that will have your property’s best interest—that is, with long-term and practical solutions—in mind.

What You Can Expect From the Repair Process

Of course, some repairs are more extensive than others. Once the foundation problems have been analyzed and the repairs recommended, a good foundation repair company will do its utmost to remain communicative and honest with you throughout the repair process. This is because there are some repair methods that are quite invasive and property owners will want to know how the repair affects their property. 

Some changes to the property can include movement of landscaping elements or if your foundation requires mudjacking, a small hole in the concrete. Other repairs and preventative measures may even call for plumbing solutions and/or a consultation with a plumbing company.

Schedule Your No-Charge Evaluation with Perma Pier

Few things can compromise the value of your property quite like a failing foundation, which is why you need an experienced team of repair professionals. We pride ourselves on the expert knowledge and reliability of our crew. Whether facing timeline challenges or unexpected foundation issues, your repair team will adapt as needed and conduct their services with professionalism. 

Our services extend to residential and commercial properties throughout the state of Texas. We have locations in Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston, and Austin. Learn more about repairing cracks in your foundation by giving us a call or scheduling your no-charge evaluation today.

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