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5 Highest-Rated Foundation Repair Contractors In Dallas (Customer Reviews)

foundation repair companies in dallas

If you’ve noticed cracks in your sheetrock or exterior bricks or that your doors are now difficult to open and close, you’re likely looking at some issues with your foundation. Foundation problems are often incredibly intimidating for Dallas homeowners, but the good news is that a reputable foundation repair company can perform repairs that make your foundation as good as new.

You only want to have to schedule repairs once, so finding a high-quality foundation repair company is paramount. You shouldn’t have to spend hours waiting around for replies from unreliable foundation contractors, so we compiled this list of the top 5 highest-rated foundation repair companies in Dallas to jump-start your search!

1) Perma Pier Foundation Repair of Texas

perma pier, one of the best foundation repair companies in dallas

Perma Pier Foundation Repair of Texas lives and breathes foundation repair. Not only is this professional and reliable team committed to providing long-lasting repairs, but they also place special attention on every customer’s soil so that they can best understand how to care for your foundation.

This unique process has helped Perma Pier gain the reputation of the most trusted foundation repair company in Dallas, Texas. (They’re the only foundation repair company in Texas that has staff trained in geological science!)

Long-term foundation integrity is the #1 consideration of the Perma Pier team, so you can trust that your foundation repair will set you up for success. These friendly and fun #DirtNerds 🤓 will not only give you the best possible foundation repair by analyzing your soil, but you can also expect on-time service, prompt communication, and impressive warranties.

Google Rating: 4.3/5 stars (285 reviews)

Phone Number: 877-959-2766

Standout Customer Review: “I was not looking forward to having to repair our foundation, but Perma-Pier made the entire process painless, from our estimate by Dan Steele, to the ladies in the office and most especially to the repair work directed by the crew chief, Hector. A professional, beautiful job! The crew worked very hard for 2 and 1/2 days, from early am until evening, and our house is perfect! Thank you Perma-Pier!” —Kathy O.

2) Advanced Foundation Repair

advanced foundation repair, one of the top foundation repair companies in dallas

Advanced Foundation Repair has been serving Dallas customers for over 100 years. Previous customers admire the free inspections and honesty that this company provides. If you suspect that you may need foundation repairs, this skilled team will promptly come to your property and give you an honest and expert opinion and what repairs are needed. (Even if this means you don’t need any repairs at all!)

Dallas home and business owners can trust the experience of the Advanced Foundation Repair team.

Google Rating: 4.4/5 stars (158 reviews)

Address: 5601 Jefferson Blvd, Dallas, TX 75211

Standout Customer Review: “We were so impressed with Advanced Foundation Repair and its CFRS Bob Snyder. Professional, very business-like and to the point, and provided us with great information. We highly recommend Advanced Foundation Repair.” —Eric L.

3) Olshan Foundation Repair

olshan foundation repair, one of the top foundation repair companies in dallas

With over 85 years of foundation repair service in Dallas, the team at Olshan Foundation Repair has built a great reputation as a reliable foundation contractor. They started with just one service truck, and now you’ll see over 200 Olshan trucks across Texas and 10 other states!

Olshan Foundation Repair uses the latest technology and best materials to complete repair projects. This company also strives to treat every customer like a member of their family.

Google Rating: 4.6/5 stars (256 reviews)

Address: 1614 Bluebank Rd, Dallas, TX 75229

Standout Customer Review: “Very professional company. Staff was friendly and professional from start to finish. Explained everything they were going to do and explained as they were doing the work. When they were done they cleaned up and it was like they were never here. They even went as far as replanting some of our plants back where they were.” —Marcie P.

4) Brown Foundation Repair

brown foundation repair, one of the top foundation repair companies in dallas

The experienced team at Brown Foundation Repair knows that foundation repair is a very complex process that can be stressful for property owners. They strive to reduce stress as much as possible by providing great customer service and reliable foundation repairs.

Brown Foundation Repair’s owner Robert Wade Brown has even written numerous books about foundation repair! You can trust that this established company knows what they’re talking about.

Google Rating: 4.2/5 stars (87 reviews)

Address: 1619 Bluebank Rd, Dallas, TX 75229

Standout Customer Review: “We recently used Brown Foundation for our home. They were very professional, arrived on time and completed the work in a timely manner. We would highly recommend them to everyone.” —Glenda S.

5) Texpro Foundation Repair

texpro foundation repair, one of the top foundation repair companies in dallas

At Texpro Foundation Repair, these repair experts strive to grant peace of mind to every homeowner. Putting your trust in a company to fix your foundation is a big deal, and Texpro wants to earn your trust with professional service and excellent materials.

From drainage correction to slab foundation repairs, the Texpro team will go above and beyond to earn your trust and deliver great results.

Google Rating: 4.5/5 stars (50 reviews)

Address: 4457 Flo Ave, Dallas, TX 75211

Standout Customer Review: “They came out when they said they would. My foundation is now repaired and all doors now open freely. Called afterwards to make sure everything was still good with no concerns. I highly recommend Texpro for any foundation repair.” —Bobby B.

You Deserve the Absolute Best Dallas Foundation Repair Team

At Perma Pier, we’re honored to be in such great company in Dallas. We strive to provide outstanding service to every customer, every time. As the only foundation contractor in Texas that prioritizes the geological science behind foundation repair, you can feel confident when you choose the Perma Pier team.

Experience the longest-lasting foundation repairs around, and learn more about your soil in the process! Contact Perma Pier today to get started. 

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